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raflesia arnoldii

Rafflesia Arnoldi is one of three rare flowers in Indonesia and an endemic flower from Bengkulu, Indonesia.

In fact, rafflesia arnoldii Indonesia is a parasite flower that grows from its host. Rafflesia grows from liana (crepes), usually grow in the Bengkulu forest.


Rafflesia holds on to life in the host for many months before come out during when the rainy season.

Rafflesia does not live for a long time, it just blooms for seven days after that will wither by itself.

When you came to see rafflesia arnoldii Indonesia, I prefer you to search for information first, maybe from Facebook "Bengkulu" or you can type on Facebook "rafflesia Arnoldi", and search information rafflesia Arnoldi is blooming or not from the date that they posted, or you can contact the contact person in that posted.

Rafflesia arnoldii Indonesia when blooming on the first day will secrete an unpleasant smell that looks like a carcass

An unpleasant smell will be inviting an insect or another small animal to enter the petals of rafflesia arnoldii.

Inside the petals, there is the fluid that if insect entered it, will die and that is the food source of rafflesia arnoldii Indonesia.

Raflesia arnoldi grow along the way from kepahiang to bengkulu, so you won't meet raflesia in the bengkulu city. The life in the roadside forest.

If rafflesia is blooming, will be there sign made by paper and written "rafflesia mekar". If you found that, so rafflesia is near you.

You need maybe two hours to arrived at rafflesia from the airport in Bengkulu, because they live in the bukit barisan hill in kepahiang.

Rafflesia arnoldii Indonesia is the largest flower in the world, they can bloom until diameter 1 meter and 11 kg.

Raflesia arnoldii indonesia is plantae kingdom and raflesia arnoldii is its binomial name.

Let's talk about the history, rafflesia arnoldii found for the first time in 1818 near manna lake, lubuk tapi, south Bengkulu. A guide man of Dr Joseph Arnold that found it. They work for the Stamford raffles expedition.

I don't know that story right or not, I think the 

native inhabitants of Bengkulu found rafflesia arnoldii for the first time, but because my country Indonesia for a long time got colonialism so we have no power to say Bengkulu people who first time found rafflesia arnoldii Indonesia. I'm sorry I become confide 😁

So from that story too the largest flower in the world called rafflesia arnoldii.

I think you have to know the history of this flower more than me, but you don't know how to see this flower, i will tell you more about how to see rafflesia arnoldii Indonesia anymore.

Some important thing that you must make bold and underline if you want to see rafflesia arnoldii Indonesia:

1.Come to Bengkulu in the rainy season, maybe august until February because rafflesia arnoldii only bloom during the rainy season. I prefer to come from August until November, in that month many rafflesia arnoldii is blooming

2. Rafflesia arnoldii Indonesia just life for 5-7 days, so you must make a schedule for it. You can see facebook of "Bengkulu", sometimes there are people who upload that flower on Facebook, you can contact him/her to know where rafflesia blooming.

3. Rafflesia arnoldi don't bloom in at the same place, they always move and we don't know where rafflesia wants to bloom. But they always bloom in bukit barisan hill (kepahiang), kaur, and some place in bengkulu province.

4. To see rafflesia arnoldii, I am as a local tourist do not pay money to the rafflesia lover that secure rafflesia, they usually sell durian or ant nest and I just buy it to see rafflesia. But I don't know with you, because you are foreign people maybe they will awesome and think you are rich people so they will take payment from you, wkwkwk. But trust me, Bengkulu people is kind person, they won't do it if you are polite and you can speak Bahasa Indonesia although a little bit like me when speaking English.

I think that's all, I hope this blog can help you if you want to see rafflesia arnoldii and please post it to make the world know that in Indonesia there is the biggest flower in the world and can decrease illegal logging in Indonesia to safe many rare animal and plant of Indonesia.


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